Engagement Rings

The second you get down on one knee and ask the love of your life to be yours forever is one of the most magical and memorable moments in both of your lives.
So presenting a stunning diamond engagement ring handpicked or hand created by you is so important in making that moment even more special.

Here at Starfire Diamond Jewellery we have the largest selection of high quality diamonds that are GIA certified and ethically sourced.
Thanks to our diamond wholesale company, we have the ability to source you any cut, colour clarity, carat diamond you desire.
This also makes it very easy for us to cater to any budget that you have, no matter big or small we want to guide you on your path to true love.

Whether you are after a hand-crafted ring using a design of your choice or one of our beautiful readymade diamond engagement rings, our diamond specialists can assist you in capturing your lovers heart.
It would be a great honour to play a small role in your love story and special day!

Customize your Ring

We are very passionate with our jewellery creations, whether it is a tailored design or one that was created by our talented design team we ensure that we surpass our customer’s expectations and create a masterpiece.

The Starfire jewellers are the finest and most talented in Brisbane with over 40 years’ experience in jewellery making there is nothing we cannot create and produce. Your imagination is limitless with our team of designers.

We not only love the design process but are very hands on in ensuring that each jewel we create is perfect and our clients can be a part of this process with us.

Our Customer's Happy Moments

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Expert Advice Final

Expert Advice

Starfire Diamond Jewellery are very proud of the talented and passionate team that strives to go above and beyond for their customers. With over 40 years of combined experience and knowledge behind them, the team at Starfire are more than qualified to assist you with all of your diamond needs. Book your next no obligation consultation with one of our experts today to ask any questions you may have.